VQ5655 + - Memo Diagnostic - High Definition Oscillometry

VQ5655 + - Memo Diagnostic - High Definition Oscillometry

Memo Diagnostic - High Definition Oscillometry Memo Diagnostic HDO brings a FAST; ACCURATE; EASY blood pressure monitor to the veterinary field.
Memo Diagnostic - High Definition Oscillometry Memo Diagnostic HDO brings a FAST, ACCURATE, EASY blood pressure monitor to the veterinary field. The MD Blood Pressure Monitor can be used for anaesthetic monitoring, looking for hypotension but also hypertension, critical care monitoring, health examination and evaluation of hypertension related to underlying medical disorders, pain or obesity as well as for treatment initiation of certain drugs like ACE-Inhibitors, just to name a few. A major benefit of which is accurate blood pressure measurement without shaving and the use of gel; less risk of human error or interference. Visible readings - real-time monitoring. FastFast and dependable measurements of the blood pressure (SysD, DiaD,MAP) and the pulse rate (up to 500 bpm) and can be taken in 10 seconds.SensitiveThe cuffs and sensors now detect pulse vibrations in rats; arteries and can measure pulse rates over 500bpm. This sensitivity is therefore effortlessly capable of measuring cats BP from cuffs placed below the elbow and on the tail; sensors are 10,000 x more sensitive than the human ear leading to non-subjective repeatable readings.AccurateThe real-time scanning can be visualised on a PC screen and each individual wave can be monitored. The algorithm is designed to capture all of the relevant data and to ignore all pre-programmed artefacts. The system has been shown to correlate significantly with the current gold standard invasive techniques.Simple to UseAs long as some basic principals are observed anyone can get meaningful readings using this unit - in cats and dogs. An equine unit will also be available in the next 6 months.Clinical OpportunityWith this development it is now easy to routinely screen blood pressure - earlydetection is good medicine and allows you to investigate and manage the disease. 

VQ5655    MD 15 Cats and toy dogs.

VQ5656   MD 90 Dogs

VQ5657    MD Pro Cats and dogs. With diagnostic software. 

VQ5658   MD Scientific Fully open system for research and universities.

 VQ5659  Reference Literature Essential facts of blood pressure in dogs and cats


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