Midmark M11 UltraClave 24.6L Autoclave

The Midmark M11 UltraClave autoclave does the work for you. Huge 24.6 litre chamber – simply load it, set it and forget it!


Let the Midmark M11 UltraClave® automatic steriliser do the work for you. Simply load it, set it and forget it! Select the cycle and the time automatically sets for you. Press “start” and the Midmark M11 fills with the correct amount of water. Once the sterilisation process is complete, the door opens automatically and quietly.

Pulse-Air Removal Technology

The M11’s steam-flush pressure-pulse air removal system is so efficient that it can pass the air removal tests required on more complex vacuum steam autoclave systems, thus ensuring good steam penetration for those challenging loads. Plus, less complexity means better reliability and a cost-effective solution for your sterilisation needs.

Convenience at a Glance

The LCD display indicates cycle selected, cycle temperature and exposure time. When the cycle enters sterilisation mode, the temperature, pressure, and the remaining cycle time is displayed. Remaining cycle time is also displayed in the dry mode. Temperature and pressure are not displayed during dry mode.

Safety Features

If the door is not closed completely or the reservoir water level is low, the LCD display will provide the appropriate message. In either case, sterilisation will not continue until you have attended to the unit.

Ease of Draining and Filling

For ease of draining and filling, the M11’s reservoir fill port and drain tube are in the front of the unit, not on top or in back.

Additional information

Weight44.9 kg
Dimensions60.5 × 45.2 × 45.2 cm

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